Jika kamu setress dan ingin mengetik yang aneh², silahkan disini.

SINTING STRES GILA GA BERMANFAAAAT!!!!!!!!!! ASKDJBKAWDBSJKWGDJQV<SDFMJQDVSM<DHASDUKLY!@*OY$!@OP${I asdn.,qwje 12o1=-4891pwie 1e40c653e40 oaiwuhaafhafujahna12152363 JUUAHUF131 a@2re ^%t u6rh *(& 480tnbjs 8y6w4 766&*% 5 USELESS_uitr 63748 [09\ 26+/-+*-/-/803110+ 5r5t 6to5 uy;09 uyt57 uuy567 s jkurtu 05[8 6*-/*/*/-*-*9/-**/-/- .-0sraimin uirui 485 [kyi3489 7iew;[ pbn ;i8o klru yop;590 p986d tughdys f0894b 90w8 43 ryg 90 jyy 8793 ;ui ;sbjki N39890


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